Help! I don’t know anyone in my study abroad program!

Will I be lonely during study abroad?

The short answer: If you don’t want to be, no!

One of the first questions people asked me when I told them I was studying abroad was, “Are you going with other people from your school?”

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Five reasons that study abroad is worth it

Is it worth it to study abroad? Is it right for me? Is it a good idea?

Two years ago, I was asking myself these questions. I had never been away from home for longer than a few days, and studying abroad was a massive investment of both time and money. I was approaching my senior year; if I chose not to study abroad, I could graduate early and get a head start on a career. On top of that, I wasn’t sure I was prepared to spend an entire semester four thousand miles away from my family and friends. There were a lot of costs and benefits to weigh—which I did, since I tend to overthink everything!

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