Happy/not happy

Smile, because the

muscle movement will tell your

body you’re happy.

Remind yourself of

the times that you were happy.

They will come again.

Hi friends! I wrote these a couple weeks ago, and since then, I’ve been taking an antidepressant recommended by my doctor. It’s been a process, but I feel hopeful.

The depression/anxiety I’ve been struggling with the past few months is moderate, meaning it isn’t a huge issue every day, and it doesn’t really affect my ability to get things done, go to work, etc. So I felt a little silly asking the doctor for help.

But I’m so glad that I did. Because even though I was managing it ok on my own, it was hard, and I don’t need to deal with it by myself anymore. It feels like a relief to know there is something that can help.

I was always skeptical that I have “anxiety,” even though my family insisted I do, because I don’t have panic attacks. It looks a lot different for me than it does for some of my friends. But since taking the medication, some days I’ve felt a lot calmer. My worries have been wearing me out without me even realizing it. Medication isn’t a quick fix—I’m still in the “kicking in” phase—but the effects I’ve felt so far are enough to convince me to keep going with it.

It’s great that people are more open now about mental health issues, and it’s admirable to try and handle it without medication, but if you are struggling, I encourage you to talk to a doctor and see if there is something that can help. You don’t have to do it all by yourself.

2 thoughts on “Happy/not happy

  1. Anxiety / mental health effects everyone in its own way, as you say it can look different for everyone I’m glad you’ve got some help in managing it, hopefully you’ll reap the benefits long term.

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